Welcome to our FaceCamp Upper Golden Facial Ratio.

5 Day video FaceCamp Introduction Tutorials to rediscover your face and realise you don’t need Botox! You will learn Koko FaceYoga acupuncture pressure points and which muscles are sleeping and which are overworking.

1st Learn a mini warm-up.
2nd Learn 4 exercises for the upper face. Start 5days and repeat weekly (see difference between 2-6weeks)
3rd This programme is designed to be quick and easy to reverse gravity control to be able to do at home morning and evenings.
4th A one-off purchase (no more Botox or fillers and you’ll look totally natural).


Mini warm-up

Frontalis = forehead > over working muscle
Corrugator supercilii = 11s > over working muscle
Orbicularis oculi = eye > sleeping working muscle
Zygomaticus major/minor = cheek > sleeping working muscle

The FACECAMP Wow Factor!
You will look more confident, with your natural beauty in symmetry … no onlookers scanning your face questioning whether you’ve had Botox or fillers.
We highly recommend joining FaceCamp Private club once you have completed your private session (Frist week is free)

At FaceCamp, Age Gravity Control #ageauthentically