Private Club BLACK

FaceCamp Private Club Black membership – 6 Months Pass

£399 / 6 months

6 Months Pass Black

Only available to Ultimate FaceCamp 3 in 1

New to FaceCamp? Koko FaceYoga + Lymphatic Facial Massage + Triad DEVICE

Now you have completed your 1:1 Ultimate FaceCamp consultation. Integrate these powerful youthful exercises into your daily routine.

Let me help you with drop-in FaceCamp practice sessions. Connect other members in a small friendly beginners’ group. We practice FaceYoga together, it’s great fun, good practice, and is a way of encouraging you to incorporate it into your day.

Join FaceCamp community FaceCamp Private Club Black- a 6 month unlimited pass for only £399, a saving of 30% – This allows you access to 162 drop- in sessions.

FaceCamp Private Club Black

Members will receive:

  • FaceCamp practice sessions 15 mins
  • 3 days per week 8am or 8pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday & Sunday
  • Whattsapp group daily prompts
  • Guestpass bring a friend for an introduction to FaceCamp
  • Bonus Lymphphatic facial massage – Monday 8am-8pm (Bronze colour and bold)
  • Bonus Triad device micro current practice sessions 15 mins – 3 days per week 8.15am or 8.15pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

We encourage you to attend as much as possible. Click to join our Face Community of monthly pass holder’s subscription.

“FaceCamp is waging a war against Botox & Toxins.
You think you need them. You don’t.
FaceCamp sessions will provide you with all that you need in a
healthy, sustainable and loving way.
Join me in the revolution.”

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