Step 1: Lymphatic Drainage Facial + Tsuboki Japanese Home Facial (am 10 minutes a day)
Step 2: FaceYoga + FacePosture® Koko Hayashi Japanese Technique (pm 10 minutes a day)
Step 3: Introduction to Triad Device 30 mins (Device extra cost)
Bonus with this package only – Free FacePolice 1:1 Tailored Session worth £198.00

Ultimate Programme includes:

You will learn how to incorporate these transforming movements into your cleansing morning and night-time routine.
Natural Botox, with incredible results.


We offer a 1:1 private session, where the founder of FaceCamp, Melanie, will analyse your face thoroughly, looking at:

  • room for improvement
  • your facial expression habits
  • your FacePosture®

Melanie will provide specific video exercises and tips personalised for you!


Online sessions will be done on Zoom: we will send you the link in advance. After, you will receive a recording of your session, which will include:

  • FacePolice: screenshots of your bad face posture/facial expressions, habits and advice
  • a bespoke daily routine

You will learn:

  1. mini warm-up.
  2. FaceYoga + Powerful Lymphatic drainage facial massage for Golden Ratio. Start 1+2 Steps daily and repeat weekly (see difference between 2-6weeks)
  3. This programme is designed to be quick and easy to reverse gravity control to be able to do at home both morning and evenings 10 minutes a day
  4. A one-off purchase (no more Botox or fillers and you’ll look totally natural).

Melanie is the only certified advanced Koko FaceYoga, FacePosture® and FacePolice instructor in Knightsbridge, UK.

We highly recommend joining FaceCamp Private club once you have completed your private session. (Frist month is free)

At FaceCamp, Age Gravity Control #ageauthentically