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FACECAMP LONDON provides alternatives to botox, fillers and asymmetrical faces. Take back control of your FACE with easy 1,2,3 Steps! In 20 minutes per day massage and facial exercises you can achieve natural botox with tools, micro devices and with FacePosture can transform your face. We focus on igniting the sleeping muscles in the face. Our programmes are designed Non-Invasive method + Reverse winkles to Combat Gravity Control. FACECAMP has also created Tec Neck workouts to correct the damage to neck posture, through using our devices daily, mobiles and laptops, you will feel the powerful results for shoulders and neck.

Join us to take control of your Face + Neck with FACECAMP LONDON.

Japan Masters
Lymph+Tsuboki Facial


Koko Face Yoga + FacePosture® 1:1 Session is a 1:1 private session, where the founder of FaceCamp, Melanie, will analyse your face thoroughly.

3 in 1

Facecamp® | UK leading Natural Ageing FaceYoga


1-2-3 Easy Steps


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Natural Botox in 10 minutes A Day

FaceCamp® London bring Koko Natural Anti-Aging FaceYoga and FacePosture® to the UK. Be the first to try the techniques from the masters of Japan – both men and women can learn the skills of FaceYoga and FacePosture®, which help slow down the aging process, release tension and eliminate chin lines, eye-sagging, crow’s feet and forehead frown.

It is all natural. You can get naturally glowing skin and toned face muscles through facial yoga alone, thereby avoiding anti-aging surgeries and other chemical interventions. FaceCamp® London bring you highly effective techniques developed and taught by celebrity face yogi Koko Hayashi. Koko’s method is perfect for replacement Botox and has outstanding results when you start using the frozen muscles in your face. Unlike most other face yoga methods, Koko’s techniques minimise damage to the delicate tissue in our faces. It’s not just facial exercise we showcase but the FacePosture® Basic # vital points, too.

FaceCamp® London is the only certified advanced Koko FaceYoga, FacePosture® and FacePolice instructor in Knightsbridge, UK.


Understand your face muscles. 1,2,3 steps 10mins AM + PM Routines with Devices
Increased Tone + Contour + Lift Face Muscles
Natural non-invasive Longer Lasting Results
Take control of Bloating and Sagging Face
6 weeks FAST TRACK FaceCamp Program
8 Secrets to Slimmer Face
Facecamp® | UK leading Natural Ageing FaceYoga


Fast Track FaceCamp rediscover your face Learn the new healthy way to stop surgical operations, Botox injections and robot faces. Let’s age authentically. LOOK super healthy and rejuvenated with FaceCamp Fast Track.


Basics #1 Keep a tiny smile. Lift the corners of the mouth just a little to get them in a straight line, or no more than 5 degrees higher.
Basics #2 Tongue posture®. When your face is resting, where is your tongue? Is it touching the upper chin (palate), swinging around in the middle, or on the lower chin?
Basic #3 To keep a good tongue posture®, tuck your chin just a little bit, in addition to maintaining good body posture.
Basic #4 Avoid Teeth Contacting Habit (TCH). TCH is a condition where upper and lower teeth touch one another when your face is resting. Some dentists in Japan say TCH is worse than grinding, which results in TMJ pain (temporomandibular joint syndrome).
Basic #5 Stop frowning between the eyebrows. The easiest way to fix this naturally is to be aware of it all the time. You can do some face shiatsu techniques to iron out the lines when you apply skincare cream.

Koko and Melanie have funny tips which are so easy to integrate into your daily routine when you both apply your make-up and remove it.

Learn from the best! Japanese masters!

Tec Neck | Facecamp | UK leading Natural Ageing FaceYoga

Facecamp offers you face workout classes, based on oriental meridian and acupressure self massage for nature face-lifting and daily stress release. Japanese facial massage learn the ancient secrets to transform and take back gravity control with FaceCamp!


Facecamp | UK leading Natural Ageing FaceYoga

Five Key Areas

Tsuboki incorporates both dry techniques and works with organic Moringa oil for a complete and tailored treatment. Stimulation of as many as 50 acupressure points not only helps to balance energy flow in the face and head area but also throughout the body.

Jade pillow is the name of an acupuncture point on the bladder meridian which starts at the inner corner of the eye on both sides, runs up the face, over the head, down the neck, back, backs of the legs, along the outside of the foot to the little toenail on both feet.

Ridoki rollers may be used as part of the treatment. Ridoki rollers are steel rollers that are used in acupressure and oriental face reflexology. They have many “flat points” to efficiently stimulate pressure points and reflex areas of the face.

Techniques work with and without oil to release fascia and other tissues. Ridoki rollers and massage, along with stimulation of acupressure points, meridian stroking and lymphatic drainage, make this a truly therapeutic and revitalising treatment.

Face mapping uses the interconnected circumstances of the body’s organs to properly balance our state of health.


Facecamp® | UK leading Natural Ageing FaceYoga

Three Key Benefits

  1. Massage techniques improve circulation, relax facial muscles and reduce expression lines while a specialised lymphatic drainage massage encourages your lymphatic system to deliver fresh nutrients to your cells and revitalises your skin.
  2. Reduces puffiness, improves the clarity of the skin tone and lifts tired features.
  3. Process of “draining” (and circulating) fluid from your lymph nodes using massage techniques.

Home Therapy

We will take you through the face pressure points and show you how to massage your face. You will learn how to remove stress held in the facial muscles and excess water in the facial tissue. Regular practice for 8 minutes per day achieves long-lasting results.