Zoom face Versas TeckNeck or is the same thing?

We are in the digital world of faces, video conferencing youtube and instagram is a very big part of our lives now and will continue to be so. We call it the ZOOM Face! Let us expand on this, there are 3 Main areas which Facecamp focuses on: 1st.. Your first impressions count right? It is a scientific fact that psychologists state that humans judge each other within 3-7seconds – yes let me repeat that within 3 Seconds and your opponent has scanned your face! So it is vital to project a strong and confident image to the opponent with authentic expressions lines and these count here. Also a strong sense of confidence appears directly when faced with the camera. A tip for correction, just a slight turn up of the corners of your month (naturally gravity is pulling the corners of your lips down making your look unhappy but actually you are not.) Now FacePosture, Tongue Posture which is jaw alignment (as directed by UK leading orthodontist mike mews) and NeuroPlasticity will assist you here. Moving onto point 2 with is the vital TECNEC – we are constantly looking down at our devices, leading to blocked blood flow to your brains and facial muscles these creative bad posture – Not to mention wrinkling your necks repeatedly everytime you look at your phone! A correction tip as an example, lift your device to noise levelfinally the 3RD point 3. Video conferencing when sitting at your desk we tend to lean forward jutting out our necks, chins and pulling our shoulder forward creativing once again, bad posture. We need to reposition over devices to eye level. FaceCamp will teach you the fundamental trigger points, TeckNec postures to correct your posture and alignment. Facecamp offers a 1on1 session, to equipet you with the corrective and preventative easy steps to take control of your ZoomFace and TecNec!






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