Melanie Watts


My name is Melanie Watts, I am the founder of FaceCamp® London. FaceCamp® is a culmination of my life’s journey to seek out authentic alternatives to the traditional marketing-led and toxin-filled solutions aimed at women and men.

Educated in London and now live between London and Tuscany. I’ve spent 20 years’ working in the international property market with HNWI, from Tokyo, New York and of course London.

I’ve spent over a decade studying faces in the corporate world – increasingly becoming aware of the pressure of the impossible standards of beauty we are expected to achieve. Marketers and media are trying to sell us frozen faces with Botox, toxins and fillers. These industries make you think you need them. You don’t!

These procedures mean that we’re losing the natural expression lines we use to communicate and read each other as humans!

FaceCamp® programs give you the power to age authentically. I will teach you valuable techniques to help you reverse wrinkles, relax your face muscles and get naturally glowing and toned skin.

My programs bring together a number of practices that I’ve personally researched, used, and tested. These include 3 easy steps: Face Yoga and Face Posture from Japanese Masters, a triad device and working on acupressure points with lymphatic massage. Daily routines in just 10 minutes a day which you can do at home.

In my career, I worked with high-net worth individuals and was their representative and in this position a perfect, polished image at all times was a pre-requisite!

FaceCamp is born from traumas I’ve experienced throughout my life, like being diagnosed with a neurological condition which affected one side of my face as well as problems from using botox. As a result, I learnt how to stimulate the muscles in my face to lift and strengthen the sleeping muscles and I discovered how to combat gravity control. I’ll share with you the techniques I’ve learnt to prolong your beauty and actively reverse ageing with a natural daily routine and workout of your facial muscles.

FaceCamp® programs will provide you with all that you need in a healthy, sustainable and curative way to take control of how your face ages and how you can look younger and softer without Botox or fillers.

Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be explored, and old lessons to be recalled, practiced, and appreciated.
Qualifications and Experience

Koko Japanese FaceYoga Level 1 + 2 Sole Advanced Instructor in UK
KFY FacePosture® | Tongue Posture | FacePolice
JMF Lymphatic Drainage Facial Japanese Technique
AP Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage Advanced Techniques
Diploma CSEN Sportiva Gymnastics Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Instructor Teacher (KRI International)
Yoga Alliance International Official Verification
KRI Glandular | Nervous system | Chakras | Vagus Nerve
TecNec® Corrective Posture for Neck | Shoulders
Science of Neuroplasticity Facial Muscles

Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be explored, and old lessons to be recalled, practiced, and appreciated.

Private note from Melanie to you

Our lives, just as in nature, play out through seasons, and each season can be beautiful if we know how to let it be. You do not have to struggle in silence; you do not have to fear the natural process of aging. We age, we bloom like flowers, and it is beautiful. Our time on earth is limited; when we truly understand this, we can allow our seasons to bloom and cascade in a vivid burst of energy and colour. When we embrace the changes, our playful heart can shine, and our authentic beauty radiates. Stop to take a moment and reflect: I am enough.

Throughout my career I cared about make-up, about having the perfect hair, but now I finally love my body. I am happy in my yoga pants and my hair in a bun, make-up free. I am content to be me! I remember turning 40 and thinking ‘Oh no! 40! This is terrible! How will I have the time to do all that I want to do?’ I realise that I have the time and I wish I had not wasted time worrying about wrinkles and gravity, it’s a natural process. We don’t need to worry: Join me age authentically.