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FACECAMP is a study of the facial muscles and how to strengthen and stretch the muscles group of sleeping and over working muscles.

FACECAMP is not just about exercises, we have developed a proven combination of techniques with devices, to offer an alternative to Natural age reversal. FACECAMP allows you to teach your clients, during their daily morning and evening facial cleaning routine:

  • Trusted by medical doctors* The doctors that Koko collaborated with: Dr. Mike Mew from mewing, Dr. Afzali (dentist), Dr. Patel (dermatologist), Dr. Carolyn & Dr. Yoko (anti-aging)
  • Additional income stream to your core business
  • NEW concept: very few competitors globally (except Japan & Russia) Wake UP United Kingdom and Cultures Worldwide.

Facecamp Sports Affiliates to achieve the seal of approval and membership with Yoga Alliance International European Registry – CSEN Europe – CMA – FaceSafe – Sport Council of England the National Grovening body status 1995.

FACECAMP Certification

FACIAL EXERCISES: from 3 Japanese’s Masters, the face leading face yoga is KOKO from Japan based in LA.

KOKO KFY 42+ facial exercises |Face Anatomy | Face Posture | Tongue Posture | Face Police | Facial daily facial activities (resting face, smiling, speaking, drinking, eating, yawning, etc)

FACECAMP Exclusive FCL: Lymphatic drainage massage (Japanese Master)

FACECAMP Exclusive FCTA: Trauma | Asymmetrical Face study

FACECAMP Exclusive FCN: Neuroplasticity: rewiring the Neuro pathways to awaken the sleeping muscles

FACECAMP Exclusive FCTN: Tech Neck: Corrective posture for neck | shoulders

FACECAMP Exclusive FCB: Coherence Breathing: organs giving signals to the brain to reset and calm down relaxes the facial expressions reducing wrinkles in our daily activity

FACECAMP Exclusive FCBC: Blood Circulation to Head | Facial muscles

FACECAMP Exclusive FCSD: Skin Doctor face skin nourishment look the best from 30+

FACECAMP Exclusive FCPC: Private Club to teach online inhouse

FACECAMP Promotion: Triad Device – Micro current for facial muscles

FACECAMP FCI: Once completed your training you will be listed as certified FACECAMP Instructor. As an instructor you have the rights to use all our branding material on your website and Social Media

When you join our team as FCI you will be kept aware of the latest advances in Facial Anatomy – FACECAMP will continue to build and grow and expand its techniques.

Contact us for the official FACECAMP certification expert@facecamplondon.com