FaceCamp FacePolice 1:1 Session

FaceCamp FacePolice for £195

We offer a 1:1 private tailored session, where the founder of FaceCamp, Melanie, will analyse your face while having an friendly chat together. looking at:

  • room for improvement
  • your facial expression habits
  • your TecNec® and FacePosture® + Basic # vital points

Melanie will guide you through specific exercises and tips personalised for you!

Online sessions will be done via Zoom: we will send you the link in advance. After, you will receive a recording of your session, which will include:

  • FacePolice: screenshots of your bad face posture/facial expressions, habits and advice

Melanie is the only certified advanced Koko FaceYoga and FacePosture® and Facercamp FacePolice instructor in the UK.

FaceCamp FacePolice offers 1:1 Session - can be highly effective in helping strengthen your muscles and preventing permanent damage.

The FaceCamp FacePolice Wow Factor!

You learn to keep your youthful face. Have the tools and finally be aware of how not to make repetitive wrinkles! Naturally focus on your dominant side of your face how to relax the muscles with the addition YOU will look more confident, with your natural beauty in symmetry …

We highly recommend KOKO FACEYOGA + FACEPOSTURE® 1:1 SESSION once you have completed your FaceCamp FacePolice session.

At FaceCamp, Age Gravity Control #ageauthentically