£195 for FaceCamp Facial Action Coding System

Preparation is key, NOW it’s all about digital online so it is imperative to;

Perfect your Zoom / Webcam conferencing face!

We all know that basic human phycology, we scan a face and your brain is reading an assessment on your:

But did you within 3-9 seconds your opponent is scanning your face and making an assessment of your facial expressions.

FACECAMP follow Humintell experts
Humintell is a cutting-edge research and training that specializes in leveraging the science of reading people, body language, and nonverbal behaviour.

Reading facial expressions of emotion
Psychologist David Matsumoto, is Prof at San Francisco State University and Director of Humintell, LLC.

Facial Action Coding System

Research Scientist Hyi Sung Hwang of Humintell, LLC.

FACECAMP will bring to you’re the science and key intel to rewire your brain and ignite the under working muscles in our face.

You will learn:

FacePosture (resting face)
Tongue Posture (TCH, Tongue & jaw)
FacePolice (direction)
Under and Over working muscles in your face
Bespoke Exercises for your face
Asymmetrical alignment exercises

Melanie is the only certified advanced Koko FaceYoga, FacePosture® and FacePolice instructor in Knightsbridge, UK.