Skin Doctor Solution: £195

FaceCamp Specialising in skin rejuvenation and refresh and reverse, our leading skin doctor will devise bespoke solutions for optimising your natural beauty.

The signature treatment packages focus on structure and surface, correcting and arresting the signs of aging, to help us to look naturally youthful throughout our 40+ years. There are specialist packages for our 50+ and 60+ clients.

FaceCamp Specialising in skin rejuvenation, our leading skin doctor will devise bespoke solutions for optimising your natural beauty.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer 3 fractional resurfacing treatments to:

  • tighten and boost the skin in both the face and the neck
  • restore volume
  • reduce the appearance of lines

Date and time: On booking your session, you will receive an introduction email with our leading skin specialist.

Location: Knightsbridge.

At FaceCamp, Age Gravity Control #ageauthentically

The skin is an amazing organ in the body. It serves as your body’s first line of defense against illness, protects your other organs, regulates your body temperature by either heating or cooling you, and communicates with you about the state of your internal health. Dermatologists are highly trained skin surgeons and medical specialists who have the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to provide the best possible treatment for the organ that cares for you.

What does a skin doctor do?

Because of their considerable training, board-certified dermatologists are able to correctly diagnose and effectively treat more than 3,000 conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails, in addition to concerns related to cosmetic issues.

If you were to follow a dermatologist around during their workday, you might notice some of the following things:

  • It is important to treat a prominent birthmark on a baby if it is affecting the child’s vision.
  • Eliminate a potentially fatal case of melanoma in its earliest, most treatable stage in a mother.
  • Help a student get some rest who suffers from persistent eczema that prevents them from falling asleep easily.
  • Determine the cause of an intense itching that a grandfather is experiencing and treat the potentially fatal liver ailment.
  • Help a young woman who is suffering from hair loss develop the confidence to look for work, and treat her condition.