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Botox and Fillers? Stop Frozen Foreheads and Robot faces!!!! You don’t need it!

You can do FaceCamp programs while using Botox!

FaceCamp can help you! enchance your natural beauty and this is soft look and you face can look youthful once again.

Bring back you authentic beautiful face! Melanie the founder first used botox for her daughters wedding, and was she then told she needed all sorts of treatments and then the insecurities set in. At first it’s wow! and then as you start to see botox dropping away it affects your confidence.

Botox and Fillers become addictive and you seem to analyse your face much more than you would normally. You see every little line and bump…if different lights and shadows you become paranoid. Not to mention this industry is now praying on younger girls in their twenties… who do not even need these medical procedures. These procedures actually make your face look harder and not softer.


  1. We all know it damages our skin – look at the title Botox (toxins).
  2. Botox Weakens the Muscles.
  3. Botox Makes Skin Visibly Thinner.
  4. Botox could Result in Mild skin Discoloration, bumps and texture.
  5. You think you look younger but actually – every person that looks at your faces thinks, oh he/she had botox or filler. It’s our natural psychology we judge when we look at people’s faces.
  6. You are removing your expression lines and that’s why you look like a robot, your forehead feels numb.
  7. If you have botox regularly every 3months you falsely think this will help you look younger in fact it can sometimes look the reverse. If the botox has not been injected incorrectly it can make your face look hard with permanent wired expression, especially around the eyes and eyelids can drop.
  8. Fillers under the eyes can make dents which do not disappear and you are permanent damages those delicate cells.
  9. Lip fillers are known to increase in size which then make the female face look deformed. Especially young girls in their twenties. These are delicate cells.
  10. Most ladies have botox because they think it will make them look younger and more attractive to the opposite sex. In Fact – particularly men will judge you and think you are an unconfident lady. Men are practical and like natural beauty – ask any man they will confirm.

There are cases which are currently being submitted to the government to stop these false beauty enhancement. The long term effects are going to deform women’s beautiful faces.

Join me in being brave enough to accept your natural beautiful face, you will look youthful and learn to enjoy your expression lines and once again feel your forehead muscles move!

The founder now really loves her faces and expression lines and wish she had stopped years before.

It takes inner strength for the first 6-9months to stop using botox and fillers. We offer MindFocus coaching we are with you every step of the way. You’ll have normal urges in stages, of wanting to run back to old habits of botox but if you stick with the withdrawal you will see after 6months you actually look more attractive, confident and younger.

Take this first consultation and FaceCamp has all the tools you need.

The FACECAMP Wow Factor!
You will look more confident, with your natural beauty in symmetry … no onlookers scanning your face questioning whether you’ve had Botox and fillers.

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